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Solar Cabin Books and Ebooks on Amazon!

All my books are now on Amazon and I have them in ebook or printed form. I also put the Redhawk Micro-cabin, Vardo Wagon and Thoreau cabin plans up and in print version. Those have never been in print before and I have had people ask for that.


Book Titles:

Off The Grid Ultimate Off Grid Guide

A Frame Cabin Plans

Wombat Camper Plans

Walden Cabin Plans

Penobscot Cabin Plans

Cattail Cabin Plans

Big Tex Tiny House Plans

Redhawk Microcabin Plans

Studio Cottage ADU Plans

Thoreau Cabin Plans

Gypsy Vardo Microcabin Plans

*Note: You can still order my ebooks here through Paypal on my website or on Amazon.

I am an official Amazon Associate and I make a little money if you purchase anything through my links and that supports my work to provide affordable plans and projects -thank you!


I am a long time off grid homesteader (20+ years now) and built my own off grid cabin and designed many off grid cabins and projects for affordable off grid living. 

On these pages you will find many of my off grid cabin and cottage designs with full color step-by-step plans for DIY builders. Cabins built from my plans: Client Cabins

I also make videos of my projects you can watch here:

LaMar's Blog: Happenings and adventures of the day

Is Your Roof the Best Place for Solar Panels?

Sunny Winter Days at the Cabin!

Off Grid Adventure Dogs Saved My Life!

Fall is here and so are colder nights!

Solar In Winter: How Extreme Temperatures Affect Solar Panels


This cabin is 14x14 with a full loft and approximately 400 square feet of living space. Downstairs is Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining and Living area. Upstairs is a large Bedroom and Office. There is enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably.


Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV's, laptop and many gadgets. Heat source can be propane or wood stove. Toilet is solar assisted composting.

The cabin is designed for year round use and is fully insulated for cold climates.

This cabin design has been tested in Canada, Mexico and Alaska with great results. Perfect for a starter home, hunting/fishing cabin, bug-out shelter or vacation cabin.


The cabin can be built from all new materials for under $2000 (not including windows and doors) and is designed for additions on 3 sides. Plans for additions and complete material lists are included in the ebook.


You will get a complete 355 page Ebook guide with step-by-step directions for building the cabin including material list and detailed instructions for installing solar and wind power.

Plans included:


1- How to build a 14x14 cabin for under $2000

2- How to install solar and wind power

3- How to build a solar composting toilet

4- How to drill a water well and harvest rain water

5- How to find cheap homesteading land

6- How to build an outdoor wood furnace install a wood stove

7- How to install propane appliances

8- How to build cabin additions for more room

9- How to make a living from your homestead

10- How to build a wood heated pallet hot tub

11- How to raise a garden and build simple animal pens

12- How to keep your cabin secure and safe

Plus you get many valuable links to other sources of information, supplies and many videos.


Cabin material list and cost estimate: Material List Page

Read about LaMar's journey out of homelessness here: HOMELESS NO MORE!

The Ebook is completely printable and can be burned to a DVD or viewed right on your computer. You can print the entire book or just the plans you want to use. The printed version of this same Ebook sells for $24.95 from the publisher but you get the Ebook for only $7. Sorry no refunds on Ebooks after they have been downloaded. The Ebook and Videos are Copyrighted and may not be shared or sold!


The Ebook is a direct download and can be burned to a DVD or read right on your computer. If you have any problems with the download please contact me at lamar5292 at


What are you waiting for- Get it today!

Ultimate Off Grid Ebook

These are client cabins built from my plans. See more info and pics here: Client Cabins  

Off Grid Package Deal

Build Your Own A Frame Cabin

These are A Frame cabins built from my plans and you can build your own.

Full color step-by-step plans includes all framing, off grid system ideas and the sketchup file for modifications only $5 

Get A Frame Plans

New- Penobscot Cabin 12x20 Plans

Penobscot Cabin Plans


Stealth Cabin Plans


Cattail Cabin Plans

New Portable Market trailer Plans now available!

Market Trailer Plans


Studio Cottage Plans

Simple Solar Homesteading has a new official Amazon storefront for products I use and recommend:


These are products I use on my homestead and can recommend. These are great products for off-grid living and most come direct to your door with free shipping. Click on any product to see full description and customer reviews.


NOTICE: I am an Official Amazon Affiliate and I make a little money if you purchase anything through my links and that helps my work providing affordable housing plans for Veterans, homeless orgs and off gridders- thank you!

Gas Prices Too Damn High!

With gas prices so high you might want to consider getting an Ebike or a motorcycle. I have both and ride both all the time for fun and to save money.

Here are my reviews of the Ariel X 52 volt Ebike that will do 35mph with a 40 mile range:

Ariel X Essential Accessories:

Lifan KP Mini 150CC Motorcycle:

Get Ultimeate Off Grid Guilde Today!





As a professional renewable energy writer, I do review renewable energy books for various publications, both in print and online.


I bought Lamar's Ebook "Simple Solar Homesteading" the other day. It's a bargain for 5 bucks, it's completely original, he wrote and photographed everything in it. The CAD construction diagrams for all the projects are clear, the book is well organized, and it's easy to read. You can build all of these projects yourself with just the information provided in the book.


This book is a really original GEM in a sea of re-hashed online renewable energy ebooks, and I highly recommend it to everyone here.


Dan Fink- Author and "Ask an Expert" columnist for Home Power Magazine

Author for Back Home Magazine, Co-author of the book "Homebrew Wind Power," 2008


LaMar, I received your Simple Solar Homesteading book today, and it is FANTASTIC!!! Very well done, and very easy to follow! I am really looking forward to building my own cabin in the future!


 Thanks Lamar! This is exactly what I hoped it would be. Perfect for our lake lot, and lots of projects available for future improvements. This ought to keep us busy for years into our retirement.


God Bless,

Kathy and Mike Wilson


"I just received LaMar's book about simple solar homesteading. The whole book contains finite directions for building a cabin for under $2,000, a solar system for under $1000, a solar water heater for under $50 ,a solar composting toilet, and even a garden cart, plus lots of other info about where to go to get more stuff. It's the best $5 I've ever spent. Just the how-to photos are worth so much. I printed the book off, bound it, and stayed up most of the night devouring it--now I can't wrench it out of my son's hands. I've always said if you know how to build shelter and grow food, it takes most of the fear out of life. If you haven't ordered this book, do it NOW! Thanks, LaMar, for putting this together". Rebecca at Coyote Moon Homestead in W KY


Simple Solar Homesteading II


"Lamar has empowered the reader, the seeker, the fed-up, those on very limited income, enabled them to take control of their life. Freeing them from the servitude of a system; that enslaves under 15-20 even 30 years of indenture, the mortgage company. A system that cares not for the Spiritual welfare of its captives, but only the profit it can extract from it’s sufferers. I found this book, to contain a wealth of information. All of it in a format that is usable, by anyone with the most marginal construction skills. Providing plans for more than just a cabin, he touches upon many more of the needed systems, which go along with homesteading. It will become a valuable tool for many, profound in its straight forward simplicity." Rock Trant 

All pictures, songs and text on this website are copyrighted!


Copyright 2007


Walden Cabin Plans

Penobscot Cabin Plans

Wombat Micro-Camper Plans Here!

Cattail Cabin Plans

Redhawk Micro-Cabin Plans Here!

Thoreau Cabin Plans Here!

Bikesport Tow or Push Camper

Watch Solarcabin Youtube Channel

Read LaMar's Blog